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Increasing student achievement together.

Would you like to collaborate with colleagues to develop new standards-based lessons, compare data and best practices, or plan common assessments, practices, and interventions? Submit a collaboration proposal using the Submit a Collaboration Request button below.


Find an available PD day on the district calendar.

Submit a Collaboration Request

& wait for approval. 

Request a substitute.

Note: State your purpose (collaboration) in the Notes section & Instruction Office as the funding source. 

Record your Job # on the Collaboration Sign-in Sheet. 


BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Due to limited collaboration funding, all pullout days must be approved by your department chair. Please speak to your chair before beginning the request process. In addition, proposals must tie to our Site-wide Instructional Focus and specific Department Instructional Commitments and include a clearly stated objective, an uploadable agenda (see template link above), and an accountability plan. 

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